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We've been helping truckers with their income taxes for over 20 years.

Over the years, we've added more benefits like helping drivers with business planning, incorporating and other value-added services to make your life just a little easier (and much more profitable!).

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Let us help you with:

1. Tax preparation - Are you sick and tired of overpaying the IRS year after year? Let us cut your income taxes to the bone. Just complete our "E-Z Tax Checklist for Truckers" and we'll do the rest. We'll make sure you get every deduction possible. And if your records are incomplete or in bad shape, no worries -- ask how we can help.
2. IRS Problems -- Are prior-year issues with the IRS keeping you awake at night? Are they breathing down your neck, about to clamp down on your next settlement check or your bank account? We'll evaluate your situation (for FREE!), review the options with you and jump in right away towards getting you the relief you deserve.
3. Tax planning/Business planning -- Let us show you how to pay the lowest possible taxes year after year with the right business structure, how to pay yourself (and your spouse) and how to painlessly save for retirement. But don't worry -- you don't have to learn anything or figure anything out, because... we do it all for you!

Ask us for details on any of these three ways for us to leave more money in your pocket and less in Uncle Sam's! Please call us today - we'll be happy to offer you a free initial consultation.