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  • Using Social Media Well In Families

    Here are some tips for both parents and children to follow to help handle
    the possible pitfalls on social media channels:

    Pause before you press “enter.” You leave a permanent footprint on
    everything you post, creating the likelihood it can resurface at any time and
    call your character into question later. Resist the urge to be impulsive,
    spread gossip, or promote hate.

    Apply the Golden Rule. You are what you post, retweet, and share. Ask
    yourself these three questions of anything you feel inspired to post: Is it
    true? Will it cause anyone harm? What is my motivation for posting this?

    Get permission/Give permission. Before sharing someone else’s photos or
    content, make sure you have their OK and ask the same of your contacts.

    Review your privacy settings. They are there for a reason—to limit who can
    access your information and how they use it. You have locks on the doors
    and windows of your home to keep ?unwanted guests out; do the same for
    your social media profiles.

    Police the content that appears on your page. Not everyone is mindful of
    the content they post. Occasionally, that inappropriate material will make
    its way onto your social media feed, where it can be viewed by your
    contacts and misinterpreted as something you favor. Don’t hesitate to
    block contacts and remove posts from your feed if they are offensive.
    Exercise caution.

    You wouldn’t allow your children to walk around with a
    sandwich board displaying their legal name age, address, and other personal
    information, so don’t allow them to create detailed profiles that can be
    accessed by strangers the world over. Never divulge too much information
    about yourself, your current location, or future plans unless you want to fall
    victim to unscrupulous internet trolls.

    Dennis Bridges | 02/28/2018