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  • A Word of Hope for Christmas

    Many of you, our trucking friends, are already tucked in safe and warm with your loved ones for the week ahead.

    Some of you are still on the road and may stay on the road through the Holidays. A special word of thanks and gratitude to you especially, because we still have to eat.

    Wherever you are, all of us here at eTruckerTax wish you the very merriest of Holidays. We hope this has been a banner year for you, and we wish for you a year ahead full of peace, hope and prosperity.

    A big part of what drives us here at eTruckerTax is our passionate desire to help people. Especially you, our trucking friend.

    And that’s whether you just need your current year taxes done, or you have a raging fire with the IRS.

    And especially if you have encountered a difficult tax issue, or are behind the 8-Ball with the IRS, our desire is to give you the hope of knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Who do you know that’s discouraged… or close to the end of their rope? Or maybe they simply need a kind word, especially from a fellow trucker? We all need an encouraging word every now and then.

    Can I make a suggestion? If you happen to be on the road on Christmas morning or even Christmas Eve, how about spreading a word of cheer at your favorite truck stop?

    Instead of having coffee or meal by yourself, find someone else and ask if you can join them. Or if you’re bashful like me, just sit next to another driver at the counter.

    You don’t have to be a minister, or counselor, or a therapist.

    Just someone who cares.

    And if you are blessed to be at home with your family, maybe just head over to a nearby stop on either Christmas Eve or Christmas afternoon. Either by yourself, or take your spouse or significant other along.

    If your circumstances permit, pick up their breakfast tab. You may never see this driver again, but they will never forget you. And your kindness.

    You may be the angel that another person desperately needs.

    Merry Christmas!

    Dennis Bridges | 12/21/2015