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  • Major confusion over new law and per diem for company drivers

    The ink is barely dry on the new tax law, and it’s already creating major confusion, especially for company drivers, and many other W-2 employees.

    Here’s the deal:

    Under the new tax law, W-2 employees (including company drivers) are no longer allowed to deduct work-related expenses as itemized deductions on Form 2106.

    Under the old law, company drivers were allowed to deduct the per diem for their days on the road in addition to other “out-of-pocket” road and work expenses, like supplies, permits, etc.

    Additionally, Congress has done away with personal exemption of $4.050 per person included on the return, including dependents.

    Good news: To make up for the loss of these deductions, the new law basically doubles the standard deduction for each filing status. For example, a married couple filing jointly would now enjoy a standard deduction of $24,000, instead of the previous amount of $12,700. (Single taxpayers would now have a standard deduction of $12,000 instead of $6,350.)

    Here’s where much of the confusion comes in

    Many company drivers are afraid that the new law cuts out the per diem benefit that they are already receiving, which it does not!

    If you are a company driver and you already receive a per diem allowance from your company, then you can continue to receive it with no problem.

    If you are a company driver, and you do not currently receive a per diem benefit, find out if your company has plans for starting a per diem arrangement for drivers.

    All of us here at eTruckerTax want you to have correct information regarding the new law and how it affects you.

    Feel free to email us with your questions, or better yet, call us at 770-984-8008. Sierra or Taylor will be happy to hear from you.

    Stay warm and be safe!

    Dennis Bridges | 01/17/2018