The Toll of Our Modern World

It’s increasingly clear to all of us that our present “cultural moment” can take
a toll on any person’s mind who isn’t vigilant. Constant connectedness to
those who are (by their very vocation) incentivized to highlight change, chaos
and fear is more dangerous than I believe we realize. There are so many negative
voices out there, that if they are your sole informational “diet”, your state
of mind will be seriously affected. Maybe this summer we should all go
through our mental and emotional “inbox” and do some serious “unsubscribing”

Which isn’t to say that there’s nothing to be concerned about for the direction
of our country, and our state. But I simply want to suggest this for you—be
on guard about how this media (and social media) cycle is affecting
your mind. And filter accordingly. ESPECIALLY, if your confidence is being
shaken, or you’re a business owner ... and you must make decisions that affect
your bottom line. Make sure you have voices that are BUILDING you.

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Dennis Bridges | 06/08/2018